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Amalah Rocks, Sort Of

Before we begin—a question: Alcohol, old friend, why so cruel? Good god.  I am death on toast today.

And now for today’s scintillating topic: the CDs currently in the six-disc changer in my car.

Disc One: Barenaked Ladies. Everything to Everyone. BNL has become one of the bands that I’ll buy anything from.  Bought this one without hearing a single song on it, and it’s exactly what I expected. Silly, poppy, catchy. Probably not going to attract a lot of new fans, since the single (Another Postcard) is a very odd song about mail-stalking with monkey stationary. Huh. But current BNL fans will think this album’s just peachy. I guess I’m a BNL fan, though, ‘cuz I lurrvve it.  Days in the rotation: About 3 weeks.

Disc Two:  Sarah McLachlan. Afterglow.  No surprise here…chick music.  Sarah vanished after the Lilith Fair for awhile and then came back with a very pretty album. Soothing, lyrical, slow. Makes Jason want to puncture his eardrums with his car keys. Oh well. Your wife/girlfriend/sensitive metrosexual will love it.Days in the rotation: Hasn’t left the car in a month, spent about half that time getting heavy play.

Disc Three:  Eminem. The Eminem Show.  Ok, here’s where things get a little strange.  But I love this album. It’s brilliant, disturbing and completely foul. Blah-blah-blah-social-responsibility-cakes.  I bought it after seeing the DVD extras on 8 Mile where Em really engages in a rap battle with random extras and just totally spanks them. After loving this album so much, however, I went out and bought The Marshall Mathers LP, cuz I am one badass white grrl.  But that’s the album with the song about Em killing his wife…and no matter how open-minded and cool and “I get the metaphor/irony/symbolism” I try to be about Eminem, that song is Seriously Fucked Up.  Whoa.  So that CD is currently in the glove compartment or under the back seat somewhere. Days in the rotation:  Has made regular appearances since April; also a road trip essential.

Disc Four: Dave Matthews. Some Devil.  Solo album. Mostly acoustic.  Harkens back to Under the Table and Dreaming days, without all the drugs. With the exception of one or two terribly self-indulgent wailing ballads, a very pretty, relaxing album.  Well, relaxing if non-stop death and social injustice imagery doesn’t bug you.  Days in the rotation: About a month and a half. Took awhile to warm up to, then became a regular addition. The perfect album for the post-Eminem slot, whether because it’s starting to warp your fragile little mind or because your passenger Doesn’t Approve of That Sort of Music and you need to switch to something inoffensive FAST.

Disc Five: The White Stripes. Elephant. All hype about The Stripes aside, there are albums that are just totally perfect, and you know they’re perfect from the very first time you hear them. Sgt. Pepper’s, Rumours, Dark Side of the Moon, Nevermind. Add Elephant to that list. Trust me…as soon as Seven Nation Army starts (baa da dum dum dum daa daaa…) you’ll be hooked. Days in the rotation: The CD o’ my summer. Been skipping it recently, but still gets played about once a week.

Disc Six: Michael Jackson. Number Ones. A moral dilemma in the record store. Did he or didn’t he?  No idea. Crazy? Yes, probably.  Creepy? Yes, now.  Genius?  Yes, then. Should we or shouldn’t we?  We did, and I’m glad for the most part. Or at least for the first few tracks. I’m not sure what chart Sony was using, since they weren’t all Number Ones, and a couple hits are missing. Newer stuff?  Yeah, not so much. Days in the rotation: About 12. First 7 or 8 tracks will get played, then generally gets skipped.

Other CDs that are currently in the car but not in the changer (in addition to the aforementioned Marshall Mathers LP) include: Beyonce’s solo album (meh), Foo Fighters (rock on), Audioslave (Jason’s), Queens of the Stone Age (also Jason’s), Ben Folds (keep rocking the suburbs, Ben), and very likely my old Barenaked Ladies’ Gordon CD, but probably not in the right case anymore. (It’s been missing for months.)

Company Christmas party today.  Free booze, and I want no part of it. You hurt me, alcohol. You hurt me deep.  You're dead to me now.  And you're going to stay dead to me for at least another 24 hours or until my body fully rehydrates, whichever comes first.



Very Jewish Gurl LOVE BNL. Seen in concert many, many times. "Hello City" and "Box Set" best songs in da whole wurld (next to Sinatra tunes).

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