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An Open Letter to The UPS Store

Dear UPS Store,

I love you.  So much.  Be my boyfriend, UPS Store.

You were made for people like me.  I do not have my shit together. Buying gifts is the extent of my togetherness.  I do not have boxes and packing tape and peanuts.  And I do not do the Post Office. 

So much love for the UPS Store.  I dashed there after work with nephew gifts in tow (no need to rush!  extra-late holiday hours!) and within 10 minutes, they were boxed, taped, labeled and whoosh...grabbed by a UPS guy and were on the truck outside by the time I signed my credit card receipt.

Mmmm, warm buttery efficiency.

So my little guys will have their (kickass) Christmas gifts within a couple days, I'm the awesome aunt and am two errands away from being completely DONE with the whole Christmas shopping brouhaha.

And I owe it all to you, UPS Store. 

Well, not really.  But I love you enough to let you think that.



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