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Blizzard News and Google Whoring

First and foremost, let me just apologize to the person who was Googling for news on blizzard of december 7, 2003 and ended up here with my smart-ass self.

Second and secondmost, let me just say how rocktastic Typepad is that it shows me useless stats like that.

But now that I know who my audience really is, let me give y'all some news about the blizzard of December 7, 2003, though I have no idea in what world you could call the snow we got on December 7, 2003 a blizzard.  That's news to me.

There's still snow on the ground out there and it's freaking freezing, but overall we seem to have weathered the storm quite well.  We started Christmas shopping in earnest yesterday and let me issue a warning: Some of you people will be really lucky if you actually get your presents from me, because they are all so totally awesome I might keep them.

I'll probably go shopping again today so quick, leave me a comment about what you want.  If you're going shopping, why don't you click here?

Blizzard. December 7, 2003. News. Buy Amalah nice gifts.


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