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Amalah Rocks, Sort Of

Go Speedracer Go

A new the car at 9:20 a.m., in the office parking garage by 9:42 a.m.  Still embarrassingly late, but not too shabby when you consider that I:

a) Didn't get my ass out of bed until well after 8.
b) Thought, for some unknown reason, that I had enough time to sit and stare at our pretty, pretty new Christmas tree for awhile.
c) Had to change clothes twice because of stain and/or spillage issues.
d) Really, really need a haircut so the whole hair process is taking a lot longer than usual.

So a 35-40 minute commute was slashed to astonishing 22 minutes, and I wasn't even close to being the Most Insane Driver out there.  Probably in the Top 10, but definitely not the Top 5.

Anyway. Work, I must now do. But shout-out to the WRX for just totally rocking my morning.

Call it a station wagon and I will cut you.


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