The Curse of

Joyous Acquisition of Goods

Very good day today. Got such the nice haul from Jason's parents this morning, and when you add all the fantabulous stuff my girlfriends gave me last night (jewelry! awesome house do-dahs! food! Coach Signature Crusher hat! I love these people!), I'm feeling a bit drunk on the "getting" part of the holiday season.

Jason ruined the joy of the "giving" side of the equation again, as he has done many, many times before. We got his dad this really cool vintage-type Ski Whistler Blackcomb tee from Urban Outfitters (NASDAQ: URBN) cool that Jason was going to buy one for himself and I had to order him not to because I planned to buy it. So while his dad was oohing and ahing over the tee Jason mentioned how much he wanted one but how I'd stopped him.

Being the fantastic actress that I am, I pulled a very convincing "oh shit" face and acted like I'd totally forgotten to get him the shirt. Jase was sooo disappointed and I was sooo looking forward to surprising him on Christmas now.

But Jason refuses to be disappointed over anything for more than like, an hour, so the next thing I know we're down in Georgetown with the 'rents and Jason is bound and determined to stop at Urban Outfitters to buy the damn shirt. I tried the whole "Oh why don't you wait until after might go on sale" but no luck.

So for what feels like the bazillionth Christmas or birthday in a row, I had to ruin any chance of surprising him and tell him exactly what was under the tree for him because the man cannot NOT BUY HIMSELF EVERYTHING HE WANTS THE MINUTE HE WANTS IT REGARDLESS OF UPCOMING HOLIDAYS. (And yes, there are quite a few other unspoiled surprises for him this year, but it's just the PRINCIPAL of the thing. Grumble whine bitch, etc.)

Anyway, in retaliation, I pouted and proceeded to buy myself a few extra presents. Jason kept trying to be all "Oh but what if I got you that? What if you're ruining MY surprises?" But since I somehow doubt that a mini-lip-gloss-on-a-keychain from Sephora or a big book on mummies and tombs were real high up on his shopping list, I felt perfectly okay shooting him a You Absolutely Ruined Christmas look until he encouraged me to just go ahead and buy the Sephora silver train case too. Heh. He's gonna have a really nice Christmas though, and he deserves it, cuz he's great.



Yup. No doubt about it, your friends are the best.

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