An Open Letter to the Asshat Drivers of the DC Area

Sweet blessed death


Snow, sleet, slippery, slushy mess out there.

And some kind of horrific coldish flu thing descended on me last night. 

The biggest symptoms are apparently adjective overuse and hyperbole.

Yet I here I am, at work, diligently editing another fascinating investment newsletter. (Since my boss is probably my first and only fan of this blog, though, he knows that's a load of crap. What up, Viper! I'll get back to work after I'm done whining, promise.)

Except for the fact that everyone out there decided to drive 25 MPH in the left lane this morning, the drive in was fine. Husband v.1.1 was so kind as to let me drive the AWD Subaru WRX today, even though it was his turn, and he drove to work in the Ford Fishtail Car of Death. Love him!

Oh one more funny story...we had Recognition Day at work, which is our monthly corporate spirit lovefest. Part of the festivities include trivia questions that only two people in the company ever get right. This month, though, they decided to cater to the common, stupid employee and ask questions about holiday movies and specials.

Here's how brilliant I am: I knew that the 2001 Hanukkah movie was Eight Crazy Nights and starred Adam Sandler, AND was able to shout it out before anyone else. As I got up to collect my prize ($5 Panera gift card, ka-ching), my very Jewish friend TZ defended the Gentile's Hanukkah movie knowledge by shouting out "She's half Jewish!"

She cracks me up. Shout out to TZ!

Ok, I'm going to do work now, drink some tea, and then moan pathetically until Viper tells me I can go home.



The Very Jewish Gurl

I am so relived that I am not a virgin in the "SHOUT OUT" dept. At 37, I have never been "shout out" to (or do you "receive a shout out"?), so I'm sure you can understand the relief I feel that this has finally happened. To be honest, I wasn't sure if I would ever like the whole "shout out" thing since I'm really the bashful type. To my surprise, I loved it. I hope to become a "shout out" ho. Hey, where's spell check on this thing? -VJG


Love the pic of your very jewish friend. She was having a great hair day!

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