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You what is like, the PERFECT thing to get right before your birthday?  You know, just when the realization that another year has flown by and you're officially closer to 30 than 20 is just REALLY starting to sink in? 

How about an email from a long-lost high school friend who is now married to another long-lost high school friend and guess what!  They already have a baby.  Who's already a year old.  Isn't that JUST PEACHY?

No, it really is.  I'm so glad to hear from him and can't wait to write back and find out more.  But...but...

But I'm a brat and it's all about me and me feeling old and me freaking out about my fertility problems and waaaaahhhhh....

Oh well, at least I have my mini-lip-gloss-on-a-keychain to cheer me up.  And Max!  Max will make everything better!  Hey you, furry-child-subsitute!  Get over here and cuddle with Mama!


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