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'Nuff said.

Went out last night and most of the early morning for my birthday with my girls (whoo, ghetto!) to kickoff the Amy Birthday Extravaganza Week.  It will be interrupted momentarily by Christmas on Thursday, but then it's all about me again.  26 years old. I am slowly dealing with the fact that I will never appear on The Real World.  Mourn with me, people.

Anyway, we went to Meze for a Turkish tapas, Felix, and finally Home.  Felix had been invaded by some company holiday party (yeah, well, ours was at the Pooks Hill Marriott! That's cool too!) so the crowd, not so much the usual scene.  Boooooring.

So off to Home in Chinatown.  To recap the night: Dancing in stilettos (ow), getting people to buy me drinks (thank god it was my birthday 'cuz I forgot my ATM card at home and ran out of money after one tapa at Meze), fending off the men with our patented "hair flip signal of get-the-hell-over-here-and-get-me-away-from-this guy," and shanking my groove thang for all it was worth. (Outfit Verdict: Awesome. Lowrise pinstriped pants and a jagged neckline shirt from Guess, punked-out hair and Enzo stilettos that really look like Manolos.)

The high point--I got picked up by a prince!  No, really!  The prince of Dubai! I mean, he wouldn't have lied about that right?  And he had a bodyguard/advisor/wingman and the whole Coming to America schtick DOWN!  And who knew that the United Arab Emirates did the whole European kiss-kiss thing nowadays?  It's classy!

WhatEVER.  I kept calling him Eddie.

Anyway, in-laws are here for the day, which means presents!  Let's see how I well I function on less than 4 hours sleep and really really sore feet. 

Tomorrow: LOTR!  The king returns!  The battle continues!  Frodo gets really, really dirty!



there's no dubai prince... as there a no kings in dubai. silly girl. nice move on his half however!

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