Come On In, We've Got Pandas
Sweet blessed death


So I'm staring at my monitor, trying to think of something amusing and witty to write about, when I look outside and realize it's snowing.  I'm totally shocked because this is exactly what the weatherpeople predicted.  When does that ever happen?

Last night Fox 5 News (Slogan: Your News Source for Muckraking, Sensation Journalism and Bart's People) started in with the typical snow-forecast-shock-and-awe promo campaign. Clips from the big blizzard last year, stock footage of people shoveling sidewalks, a couple closeups of tires spinning in know, the usual schtick.

So of course, I predicted we would not see a flake. Made a big preachy, harpy deal about it too. Big 'ole whatEVER to these southern folk...I'm from PA y'all!  We saw snowstorms every day starting after Labor Day and school never closed cuz we walked uphill both ways in flip-flops and all that.

A "wintry mix" was predicted for tonight, so people were rushing around getting milk and bottled water during lunch today and I was just pissed off because Safeway was sold out of this month's InStyle mag. It's a necessity people!  It's the Ultimate Gift Guide issue!

But now here I am, watching honest-to-God snow fall from the bloomin' sky and sticking to the ever-loving ground.

Well I'll be danged, as we say here in the South.


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