Nothing Good Will Come of This
Stop me if you've heard this one...

What Happens When I Lose the TiVo Remote

At the risk of getting all "did ya ever notice" on you, but seriously, have you seen these new(ish) AOL commercials? 

First, Snoop Dogg??  The hell?  And while the big fish made of the AOL discs is a funny visual, it just doesn't work to go: "Oh, we know we annoyed the hell out of you and created tons of non-biodegradable waste with those discs, but seriously, the latest one is cool!  And oh look!  Here's Snoop Dogg!"...and expect us to listen.

(Oh, and putting the discs in DVD packaging ain't fooling nobody.)

But then again, if AOL subscribers are as dumb as we all think they are...maybe version 9.0 Optimized & All Pimped Out will be a hit. 

At this point, even AOL knows how stupid its customers are.  Have you seen the one with the couple debating over who can help them fix their computer while their toddler whacks at the mouse with a squeaky hammer?  The wife asks, "Didn't you buy that book...Computers for Idiots?" "I didn't understand it," the husband replies.  Meanwhile, the toddler has miraculously triggered some fantastic AOL fix-all scannie dealie and taDA!  The child has fixed the problem that was probably caused by AOL in the first place!

Gah. Anyway, so if AOL is now allowed to make fun of its own fuckwit customers, can Wal-Mart commercials full of total white trash hicks be far behind?

Oh. Right. Never mind.



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