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Winter Dreaming

Lordy, what a week. And I'm only up to Love-A-Lot Bear from the Care Bears thong set.

So I'm driving home tonight, tailgated almost the entire time by a Jeep with one semi-out headlight. The driver decided to compensate for this by turning on his brights. Every time I looked in the rearview mirror: Blam! Blinding light! Glance in the side mirror: Blam! My retinas are still aching.

Sigh. It's always about this time of year that Jase and I start fanatasizing about packing up and moving to Vermont. We start browsing the real estate sites for places like this. We start debating whether we have enough pull at our jobs to work remotely. (Yeah, not a chance.) We've never worked it out, obviously. Last year we let the VT thing drop because there aren't any Chipotles up there. Oh, and no jobs. That too.

But a few months ago we found that there are like a hundred bazillion calories in those burritos, so we don't eat there that much anymore. And so the VT longings are back. It's effing freezing here, but no skiing. Everyone drives SUV monstrosities, but no one can drive in flurries. Our super-rewarding careers? Meh. And we paid more for our 2 bedroom, 1 bath condo with no parking space than that 6 bedroom chalet costs.

Jason's brother has a condo up in Killington so we go up a couple times a year. But not yet this year, which y'all can just add to the burgeoning list of things Amy thinks Suck. But I don't want to visit. I want to live there.

My husband would be the happiest little ski bum in the land, and I would let the urban-rock-star-layers grow out of my hair and wear ponytails and big warm sweaters and finish my novel and drink those cider-and-brandy things they serve at the lodge all day and maybe write a folksy little column for one of those free papers at the ski resort. And we'd have a tiny mortgage and two bathrooms and a little baby 'cuz I'd be so relaxed and easygoing up there that *poof* my fertility problems would vanish just like that.

And Max would be happy there too. Though Max is happy in my sock drawer, so whatever.

Do they have Sephoras in Vermont? No? Well, I could catalog-order my facial glitter I think. I'll give up my job and my Chipotle burritos and my hipster urban lifestyle...but I'm NOT giving up the glitter.



just make sure you check out your neighbors too.. remember that chevy chase movie? you know the one where they move out to the new england somewhere.. to write a book.. and all his neighbors are wacky... that'd be our sort of situational luck.. you know that right?? ;)


I think this post is my all time favorite so far. I could relate to the wanting to escape and well, just plain laugh out loud when I got to the part about Max. Thanks for the laugh!


Ayup, (that's Yes in VT lingo it is effing cold up here right now. I'm in the northeast corner near Canada and it was about 30 below this morning. Not good for skiing either. Yikes! You'd freeze!

I don't know about Sephora's. Where I live we don't even have a dept store. We buy underwear at the hardware store..LMAO! It's to bad you can't get to Killington this year :o(

Stay warm!


Please come to Vermont. We will open our own Sephora franchise. Of course, the only people who'll shop there will be you, me, and the eleven million New Yorkers who come here for a weekend lark, but think of the employee discounts.

Yours in glitter and Polarfleece,

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