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SupahStar Rockin' New Year's Eve

12:47 a.m. January 1, 2004. Watching Family Guy reruns on TiVo, web surfing, etc. Jason and Max sound asleep on the couch next to me; half-drunk bottle of champagne on the coffee table in front of me. Saw Lord of the Rings for the second time tonight at the Uptown Theater. (Yes, yes, loser queen of all loserdom, shut up.) Snuffled and supressed coughs throughout the whole thing from the way-stubborn cold I'm still fighting. Yet... I could STILL smell the vicious case of BO from the woman next to me. This woman had apparently not seen either of the first movies and every few minutes was all "Wait, who's that?" and "Wait, what's happening?" Probably would have totally snapped if I hadn't been 1) racked with fever and chills, and 2) totally hammered on NyQuil. Verdict? Even awesomer than the first awesome time I saw it. Also saw it this time with a Tolkien Expert who was able to explain the whole Elfie-Heaven-Land thing. Then proceeded to rip the film to shreds for book-to-film accuracy. So seriously, I was an English major. I've read everything, including some truly godawful books. Tolkien? Cannot do. Peter Jackson? Film god, as far... Read more →