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Resolutions Shot to Bloody Hell

Day Two of the new year and surprise, surprise, not doing too well on my resolutions.

Woke up at 8:09 a.m., 39 minutes later than I planned. No time to deep-condition hair. Proceeded to stand in the closet and stare at my clothes for approximately 17 minutes before putting something on, changing mind, changing clothes again. Repeat until 8:44 a.m.; finally dressed and out the door at 9:12 a.m.

Two cups of coffee and a soda already. Bit right pinkie nail off. Visited twice and checked Survivor spoiler sites for rumored All-Stars line-up.

Lunch? Ramen noodles in a cup from the vending machine.

Blogging at work? Check.

But on the positive side of things, I did something even more important than any of the resolutions on my list. I registered for classes. The last two classes I need for my degree. By May 14, I'll be done.

I started going to school part-time just after my junior year, when the publishing company I was interning for offered me a full-time job. I was very diligent for awhile, but then got laaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyy. Got jobs and promotions despite officially lacking a degree. Started taking semesters off. Like six of 'em. In a row. The last class I took was this weird 1 credit upper-level English class I needed because of the way my transfer credits settled. (I've attended five colleges at a shocking seven different campuses. Flighty much? Nah.) It was a 400-level class on the Harry Potter books. It felt so, so wrong and yet so, so right.

But now! I'm going to do it! I will take that long-reviled upper-level speech class (SPCH 426: Negotiation & Conflict Management) and the very last of my communications core courses (COMM 400: Communication & the Law.)

Boring? Totally. Professionally useless? Probably. Inconvenient formality? Definitely.

Expensive? Oh my god. Yes.

Making my dad really, really happy?




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