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Skiers on Strike

So moving to Killington may not equal moving to Vermont after all.

If the numbers work out, Killington will petition the New Hampshire Legislature to see if it would be interested in acquiring a ski town in central Vermont.


I think I'll petition the Killington Select Board to see if they would be interested in acquiring a condo community in NW Washington, DC. And then when I take a bus down to Georgetown I'll say to people, "Wow, the nation's capital! It's amazing! Can you take my picture? I'm from out of state. Yeah. Just visiting from up the street. Vermont. Or New Hampshire. It really depends."



Well damn! You just never know do you? This is the first I have heard of this and it's totally bizarre. 10 million? That's an insane amount of taxes for anyone/anything to pay. Good grief. :o(

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