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Somebody Else's Blessed Event

So the small yet extremely loud woman in the office directly across from mine is pregnant. Again. Much shrieking and congratulating and whatnot today. There are now at least two pregnant women working here, and sometimes? That's all it takes to make you feel like everybody in the whole bloody world is pregnant except you.

I hate you, World.



Who knew!! I like "her" mainly because she makes me seem quiet! More importantly Amalah, I know it's not easy (especially around this fertility clinic of a publishing co.), but don't feel sad...a sad Amalah is a sad VJG. Perhaps 2004 will be the "Year of the Amalah".


My dear Amalah.

I understand and am so sad for your pain. This seems to be happening all around me. It WILL happen for you. I am certain of it. Just remember practice makes perfect! You are a great person and good things will happen to you!
Enjoy the "practicing"!!!

Jan Brady

Don't despair..Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.................
...only the fat and nauseous are pregnant......there are many more years for that....I know ..I have a 15 year old and it goes oh soooo fast ..enjoy your youth and your HOT Husband................
(besides, you have to abstain when pregnant...might as well join a 12 step program now, for the practice!)

on't despair, besides, you have a cool assisant who wants to BE YOU...Go figure.what a world..................

We're so here for you. Great DNA, genes, booze, whatever! You think you have problems, go see MONSTER!!!!

Jan Brady

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