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Working from home today (Ford’s still in the shop, grr), and going through my backlog of TiVo’d Simpsons episodes from the past week.

Promo spot for last night’s Fox 5 News broadcast:

“High-speed internet that’s faster than dial-up and it won’t tie up your telephone line! New service that will change the way YOU web!”

Oh damn, why didn’t I watch the news last night? Here I am, “webbing” the same old way, when there’s a new secret cutting-edge service out there!

Also hysterical: the footage teasing this big scoop was of some guy hunting and pecking at a keyboard while the Fox 5 homepage displays a big ole’ picture of Paris Hilton.

And then a close-up of an electrical outlet. Shwaa? Oh my god, do you think it’s something wireless? Wireless and high-speed?? Because that would be so cool. And that would be so what I have already.



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