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You remember when you were a kid and snow was predicted overnight and you got all excited and in the morning you would wake up and dash to the window and there was snow but not a lot but still! snow! and you'd rush to the radio and listen to the school closings and your school was like, the ONE super-lame school that was opening on time?

My job is now that super-lame school and now it's even worse because I can't take the bus here. Instead I have to get my ass up and outside and scrape a quarter-inch of ice off my car while trying to keep my balance on my (still) unplowed, unsalted street in heels and dorky $85 Ann Taylor pants. And my classes started yesterday, but they're both online so no snow days there either. Boo. Y'all, I hate being a grown-up so much sometimes.

Instead of having coffee this morning, I made hot chocolate. Because that's just what you do on snow days, regardless.



Amen. I hate being all responsible and junk. I did manage to avoid going into work yesterday but I was here at the crack (before, actually) of dawn this morning. I guess you have to grow up sometime.


I remember those days very, very well. And there was nothing worse than hearing predictions of snow when you went to bed, then running to the window in the morning and snow. Ugh.

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