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ABCs of Me

Or, You Gotta Have a Gimmick. With apologies to every blogger whose sidebar I stole one of these from.

Admiring: My pretty, shiny necklace that I got for Valentine’s Day.

Beating myself up about: The $90 a month gym membership that I never use.

Crying over: Oh good lord. Everything. Survivor. Sex & the City. Phone commercials. Onions. Spilt milk. Etc.

Daydreaming about: My couch. My comfy couch with my ass on it.

Excited because: I found an old floppy full of Max’s too-cute-for-words baby pictures this weekend.

Frustrated because: My Photoshop skills suck so I can’t get the baby pictures un-blurrified.

Grumpy because: Eve3 cranked up her space heater too high and knocked out the power in our offices first thing this morning and I lost a lot of important stuff.

Hate-filled and seething over: I also lost a better version of this list.

Indignant because: People are seriously taking bets over who will be the next woman to get pregnant in the office. I made the top three, apparently.

Just shoot me now because: I just ate seven (7) dark chocolate Hershey Kisses in about 15 seconds. And I don’t even like dark chocolate.

Kidding myself regarding: The size 2 Ann Taylor suit still hanging in my closet.

Listening to: A VERY LOUD conversation the woman across the hall is having with her dentist. Also: Eminem.

Mooning over: Dooce’s baby. My god. That kid is way too gorgeous.

Need: A haircut, a camera phone and some new red pens.

Obsessing over: Basal cell body temperature.

Praying: That God will do my big school project that’s due on Sunday for me lest I be forced to toil on the Sabbath.

Questioning: My choice of footwear.

Reading: Lulofs & Cahn, Conflict: From Theory to Action, 2nd edition (2000)

Singing: Hold me closer, tiny daaaaancer…

Trying: To get that GODDAMNED SONG out of my HEAD. Rot in HELL, stupid preset oldies station.

Unnerved by:
This. Just…yeah.

Valentiney Update: In addition to said necklace, Jason took me out for fondue and got a room at the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel downtown…simply because our house was too messy to be romantic in. Best. Valentine's. Ever. With. Best. Guy. Ever.

Wondering: What TiVo was recording for me on channel 307 at 9 a.m. this morning when I left the house.

X-rated action: Right. Please see entry O.

Yawning over: A meeting regarding upcoming direct mail campaigns.

Zoinks: This seemed like a good idea when I started.



Hi, my name is DUMB. Even though your subject line says ABCs (and I READ that), I didn't realize until I got to the end..."oh this is like an ABC list..."

Very cool. Did you go to the Melting Pot?? I just took some friends there a couple weeks ago and OH MY GOD was it good.

Like seriously sexy and naughty and MORE PLEASE good. The cheese. The chocolate. AHH.


Great List.

I would love to steal the idea from you (after saying you were who I stole the idea FROM) but I dont think I could come up with 26 things to say about myself right now!

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