The Metrorail Commandments, Cont'd
So Fired

As Sands Through The Motherboard...

Ladies and gentlemen, for your (well, mostly my) enjoyment, I present the world's first interactive, multimedia, blogger-powered and animated soap opera series: The Bold & The Bloglicious.

A bazillion parts are already available, and more shall be written when we damn well feel like it, and available for your viewing pleasure on the burgeoning sidebar of this hallowed site. And seriously you guys? This is funny stuff.

From time to time? We host open casting calls, which are totally fun and let you get in on the action. (Ooh dirty!)

Written & Directed by Amy & Lauren of Webcam Donkey Productions Ltd., Produced & Distributed by DFi1m. (Copyrighted 2004 by Webcam Donkey Productions Ltd. So step off.)


Miss Doxie

Y'all had BEST get a move on and get me OUT of this damn lair.


That is AWESOME! Thanks for that...I needed the laugh this morning. And hey, you're cute all purple and pouty ;-)


That was funny.

You are very purple, and pouty. hehe


Oh my God. This is better than Days.

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