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Calling All Fame Whores!

Are you funny? Do you have a blog you want desperately to promote? Have you ever dreamed of seeing yourself in animated form? Are you ready for your close-up?

Then Webcam Donkey Productions Ltd. wants YOU!

Webcam Donkey Productions Ltd., the scholarly think-tank behind the already-totally-famous and acclaimed animated soap opera, The Bold & The Bloglicious, is holding an open casting call.

We’re looking for new characters to join the soap. We’ll plug your blog and cleverly incorporate all the funny shiat you write. (For an example, please see Doxie, Miss.) We can make you a hero, a villain and a sex symbol, all at the same time. We can get you laid.

Here’s what you do, kitties:

1) Watch the latest episodes of the soap. Bask in its hilarious awesomeness. All episodes can be found on the sidebar. Somewhere.

2) Go to DF1LM.

3) Make an episode using their super-duper-way-easy-a-monkey-could-do-it MovieMaker.

4) Put yo’self in it. Make yo’self funny and fine. Using existing plots or make shit up. It’s really up to you. I mean yo’.

5) Post your creation here on the comments board, or email it directly to Amy and Lauren if you’re shy.

6) Lauren and I, being the bosses of you, will decide which one(s) we like best. The criteria is 100% subjective, unfair and random, and mostly boils down to You = Make Us Laugh.

7) Profit.

The winner’s episode will officially join the ranks of such classics like “Finding Doxie” and “The Plot Twistens.” AND the winner will become a recurring character, all but guaranteeing crazy Internet fame and non-fortune.

We may pick one. We may pick two. We may be drunk during the judging process. You don’t have to have a blog or a journal, but just make sure you leave comments often enough to give us fuel for your character, ya dig?

Also: Please participate. Please? You will make me cry real tears if you don’t play along.



Fact #1: Its Monday.
Fact #2: I don't feel at all funny.
Fact #3: I made me a film! Please take facts 1 & 2 into account while watching it.

Suzanna Danna

Unlike Chris, I have no excuse.
Alas, they didn't have a chunky brown haired girl to choose to play the part of ME!


Okay...I needed some mindlessness this morning. Here's part two.


I made a film! Only I was embarrassed and emailed it to you instead.


Ok chickies, we've had some terrific entries...both here and via email, but there's STILL TIME for anyone who wants to make one (or even make another)!

We're extending the competition over the weekend and will be announcing the winner (in the form of a brand new B&B episode, of course) on Monday.


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