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Annoyance Doesn't Take a Vacation

Come On Over, the Porn's Ready!

TypePad seems to be behaving now....so I think I shall unveil my new photo album. Which does not contain a single picture of me. But which does contain my hilarious and snappy critique of the latest Victoria's Secret catalog.

(But which. Buttwich! Ha! Ok, I've been looking at these pictures for way too long.)

And yes, some of these pictures might not be suitable for work. Ladies in their underdrawers and such. Cleavage. Possibly some ankles. You've been warned.

Click it, perv.

**Victoria's Secret owns all these pictures and the pretty things in them. I probably shouldn't have taken them but I did. So either 1) Please don't tell on me, or 2) Hi Victoria's Secret lawyers! You look pretty too. I buy lots and lots of stuff from your catalog and love it very much. Please don't sue me.



OH. MY. GOD. That was sooooo worth the wait to load. I have never seen such an in depth analysis of lingerie, I will never look at panties the same again.

Oh, and by the way? The dusting my ass thing? I've not been doing that either...


LOL! That was freaking hilarious! It was worth the wait. And by the way, nice motif :-)


HEE! Lord. I'm sad to say I OWN a couple of those outfits. I will not report which, but I will rule out the POLAR BEAR jacket and the Pepto Bismal suit fo'sho'.

And girls? I've been dusting my ass for YEARS. Wish I'd been around sooner?

Love you!


Lauren: You totally own the musical bride thong. I just know it.


Don't judge me.

"Dun dun dun-dun...dun dun-dun-dun..."

"Wait. Was that your ass?"


THIS is Victoria's Secret now?

Please bring back Stephanie Seymour, Jill Goodacre, and the named bras. And also the plush furniture scenery. I miss it.


Note to self: Begin stalking Amy AND Lauren.

Just kidding..really...I swear!


Oh. My. Freekin'. Gawd. How hilarious is this? You are sooooo fantastic. Thank you for calling it like it is!


Those women looked like prostitutes! I am shocked, sickened and appalled. Uh, Amy, will you be posting more filth in future to show us how our society has degenerated? I rather fancy myself as a student of le culture moderne, if you see what I'm getting at.


Wow.... I know I'm several months late, but I had to know about the ass dusting... :) Thank you... My roommate and I make comments like that when we go through the catalogs... I have to share with her.

Carolyn C

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Please please PUH-LEEE-UZ do more of these Victoria Secret commentaries....f*ckin hilarious! I can't pick a fave, but imagine what would happen if you farted in the "bridal thong"?!!! HA!

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