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The Metrorail Commandments

Curse You PS2!

An entire day's work. Gone. Ruined. Reset.

I have done absolutely nothing today except play Simpsons Hit & Run. I was planning to clean out a closet or fold some laundry or maybe, just maybe (although who are we kidding here) get a head start on next week's homework for my classes. But instead I woke up and started playing Playstation. Oh, and I've eaten a lot of baby carrots.

But now, the Playstation, after about four hours of playing time, decided to freeze up. Totally skitched out and froze. Had I saved my game at any point? Of course not, because I? Am an idiot.

So now a day that I was already pretty much wasting anyway is now completely wasted. Blasted tarnation and whatnot.

Anyway. I should go for a walk. Or do some cleaning. Or homework. Or eat something besides more baby carrots.

Sigh. Yes, I should. And I will. Just after I make up SOME of my lost progress...because, come on.



If it makes you feel any better, I'm a much bigger idiot. I went into work today... and our office was closed. Then the parking garage door malfunctioned and a bunch of us were trapped in the garage for an hour. I say no house cleaning! It's your day off!


You could always start remodeling the kitchen. We have been wanting to make progress on that for a while now. :)




Whatever you did, it was probably better than what I did yesterday - work!

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