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Fake-Out Thursday

I thought yesterday was Thursday. For like, hours. I was writing today's date and happily humming the It's Almost Friday Song all morning. (It's my own composition -- imagine if the ba-ba-bump-ba part of I Wanna Be Sedated segued into 99 Luft Balloons and the lyrics were stuff like "It's almost Friday and I'm so glad, Friday's tomorrow and ba-ba-ba-bump-de-ba, etc.")

So you can imagine my horror when I learned, at approximately 11:45 a.m. yesterday, that it was not Thursday at all, but Wednesday. I very nearly wept.

So even though today is Thursday, there is no joy. There is no It's Almost Friday song. Because I've already been here, done that this week. Today should be Friday and it's not. It's Thursday. Big freaking whoo.

And all this trauma is because I haven't done laundry in ages and did not have my Care Bears days-of-the-week underwear as a point of reference.


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