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So Fired

Y'all, I am SO totally going to be fired.

So I left work late yesterday after toiling on the soapish exploits of Amy, Lauren, Miss Doxie & the evil Señor Shiznit (New! Part Three is here!). I got on the elevator with our division's VP and Publisher, who is the boss of me above the boss of me. And who is awesome. And who apparently (as I would learn during this elevator ride) reads this site.



Look at me! I'm working very, very hard. I only blog during my lunch hour, I. Swear. To. God. And I actually mean lunch half-hour, because I work so very, very hard. See, I can write something and then tell Typepad to post it later, so when you see posts at 4:17 p.m. on a Tuesday it doesn't mean that I actually wrote it then...oh no, not at all. Isn't, super interesting?

And did I mention how awesome VP Mike is?



...and this is why no one at work knows about my blog.


Ohhhhhhh..... my...... Surely he's impressed with your extraordinary wit and writing abilities. Right? I hope? And of course you only write during your lunch hour and breaks. Oh. My.


That's why I nevah, NEVAH update at work. Except on days that end in "y."

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