When All the Weirdos Turn Crazy
Wrong on Three Levels

So what's next, the building's water supply?

Oh for the love of god. There's some kind of IM virus/worm thing running loose at my office so they terminated all IM access. It's been down for about 20 minutes and I am already a complete wackaloon without it.

me: i can't believe they shut off IM. that's like, not humane!
also me: it is cruel and unusual punishment
me: it's a hostile work environment
also me: i wonder what jason's doing. it'd be nice to say hi.
me: i hope all my friends still like me
also me: goddammit i'm gonna have to get up and walk down the hall to give that thing to that person
me: you could call
also me: i don't *do* the telephone
me: you're crazy
also me: i have issues, yes, shut it
me: i miss sprocketeer
also me: i don't want to work, i want to say funny things to people
me: you're not funny
also me: hey, yes i am!
me: no, seriously, you're not. this is the stupidest IM conversation i've ever had
also me: you're mean!
me: shut up. i'm done with this. stop talking to me



I hope - for your sake and ours - they get you back up and running soon :-)


Christ on a cracker.

I say revolt!!!

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