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Calling All Fame Whores!

Soap Scum

Monday. Feh.

I have absolutely nothing of interest to say today (yet please note that I am still typing) and I am paralyzed with fear over having to write the next episode of the Bold & the Bloglicious because I have no idea how to top what Lauren and I produced on Friday. We're up to Part Eight y'all. Plans have been foiled, songs have been sung and plots have been twistified beyond all reason.

And for everybody who's been emailing asking/pleading/begging for a part, rest assured, we'll be holding open casting calls soon. But if anybody out there looks like Snoop Dogg, please email me immediately because there's this Snoop Dogg character that I want to use like, so bad.

Also, do we have any sumo wrestlers in the audience? Just asking.



Those chase scenes were a white-knuckle thrill ride and the plot twists? Jaw-dropping. You two are the shiznit, yo.


How much do I want in on this? Make me a man in disguise, baby.

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