ABCs of Me
The Metrorail Commandments, Cont'd

The Rise & Fall of Amalah Inc.

Me: Oh my god, two whole people have emailed me asking if they could do the ABC list thing on their site. I've created a blog fad!!
Her: You rock. :)
Me: I'm totally famous. among 17 people.
Her: You are all over peoples sites, too.
Me: World domination plan almost complete
Her: First you need a world DONATION plan - so that you can stay home.
Her: We could set up one of those click-me things... click the link to give to the great Amalah...
Me: an amazon tip jar
Me: to help pay my massive $8.05 a month Typepad bill
Her: Hey - don't disclose the finances. :)
Me: oh right! I mean to help pay my hefty and escalating operation expenses
Her: yes...
Her: 'cause until you IPO - you don't have to tell anyone.
Me: Amalah Inc. (NASDAQ: AMLA)
Her: but, then there is the pressure to produce.... the publicity... the drinking, the drugs...
Me: the sex scandal with an intern...
Her: people online will start trashing your hair and clothes behind you back....
Her: The guy at the shoe store will write a tell all book...
Me: The Peapod delivery man will sue me for injuries caused by lugging 24-packs of Coke up three flights of stairs....
Her: It's a never ending cycle...
Me: Yeah, I better stay a privately-held blog



You can make that three people. I totally copied. It was lots of fun. Thanks for the inspiration.

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