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We're Sorry, Today's Show is Postponed Due to Technical Fuck-Ups

Y'all, I don't know what's gotten up in Typepad's grill the past couple days. Apparently there's some hardware thing going down that's causing "website sluggishness." That's the technical term...in other words: Sites are loading slower than snail shit.

And I'm super-bummed because I have this hilarious new photo album to share. It's a downright laff riot. Also? Victoria's Secret models. So I bring the funny AND the boobs...a little something for everyone.

But no way am I wasting this kind of brilliance when one photo would take about a bazillion hours to load. So we wait. In the meantime, why don't you make a film??

(Still waiting.)




Amen Sister. I didnt register the prob with typepad until AFTER I uploaded a zillion image post today. So I'm ignoring my blog until yours loads faster. then I'll know its all good...

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