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My desk is a MESS, y’all. Papers piled higher than my head…one false move causes an avalanche…it’s quite treacherous. So I’m trying to file and organize all this crap. But I keep getting distracted by 1) Haikus, 2) Stuff in the pile that should have been done weeks ago, and 3) Post-Its and other notes to myself that make zero sense.

Like I just found this piece of paper, torn from a notepad, with the following written on it:

Double-edged sword

The hell?

Here’s another note: “No clear cut investment in oil patch that will protect us other than futures is.”

And another: “No more 10% --> bonds allocation.”

Here’s a very urgent-looking Post-It: “AD REVENUES!!”

Also found: the scribbled itinerary of a flight I booked for a business trip later this month. Except that yeah, I booked the flight for the WRONG FREAKING AIRPORT. I had the state right, but that’s about it. You go to Florida, you fly to Orlando, right? No. I’m going to Pensacola, which is not only a bazillion hours from Orlando, it has its OWN AIRPORT. Who knew? Well, everybody, apparently, except me.

See, up here in the North? We have very small states. I have three airports within 30 minutes of my house, and they’re all interchangeable. You've gotta be crossing like, 17 states up here to justify flying from one to the next. So the idea of an airport in the SAME STATE being too far away? What?

So the corporate travel office probably thinks I’m a huge idiot. Only take out the “probably.”

I also put a smiley face on the itinerary. Why? I do not know. Perhaps my subconscious knows geography and was laughing at me.



My desk is so clean. Everything is organized, and neat. Oh alright, so it's only this way becase the cleaning staff did a major dusting this week and my boss made me clean it all up.
But soon it will be back to the pile of random papers that litter every open area.


First: Notice my email address.

Second: Listen to what I told my ex-mother-in-law.
"We might go see my brother over Spring Break, but he may be in Boise, Iowa for a business trip"

Third: Listen to what I yelled at my husband one time
"New Orleans is a BIG STATE"

Now, could I REALLY laugh at you? Nope.


Haha! Too funny. I'm flying to L.A. tomorrow...good thing I checked the airport beforehand, instead of flying in to San Fransisco or something. That would've sucked. :)

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