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Haiku Smackdown II: Electric Haikulu

Ok peeps, are you ready for some hardcore Eastern poetry syllable-on-syllable action?

No? Well, fuck you then. I'll just talk to the people who are.


And what is the Thursday Haiku Smackdown? Why, my lands child, it's only the most awesomest thing ever! Sit for a spell and I shall tell the story...

See, last Thursday, I posted an entry. An innocent entry. A bunch of Random Crap I had sitting around my head. The very first comment was from Coleen:

I cannot wait, dude
Journal Con will rock the house
So drunk we'll all be.

(Okay, I am SO done with haiku now.)

Oh, if she only KNEW.

Her comment sparked a wave of haiku madness such the world has never seen. Peer pressure, show-offiness and delighting in our own hilarity helped too. Please for you to enjoy and click here for to see all haiku which that we wrote.

So anyway, we had so much fun we thought we'd do it every Thursday from now on, or until 1) it's no longer fun, or 2) Too many of us get fired for major slacking on Thursdays. We rotate who hosts because we're all greedy, greedy hits-and-comments whores.

This week, your gracious host is Chris of

Everyone in the world is welcome to join. Just you know, make sure you love us as much as we love ourselves and be nice. Dirty haikus are encouraged, mean/sexist/racist ones will be smacked down with the Almighty Delete Box. The word "yo" is funny to incorporate and also is a nice all-purpose one-syllable word. You'll see it used a lot. Do not mock or question the yo, yo.

And if you plan to join the Smackdown and want to really feel cool, perhaps you would like to put one of these banners that Chris made on your site? Maybe? Come on, they rock.





I don't know Blogger
Want the banner on my site
Someone help me, please?


Mmmmmmmmm, S&S action...


Umm Amy, Regarding your post to Chris. At least he's not having funky dreams about you. You have to read what I mean. Go to the new site and see the latest entry. Seriously.. I think I may be deranged and need to stop reading ya'll

Have Fun


Man. Thursdays ROCK. Survivor All-Star, CSI, The Apprentice, Friends, Without a Trace (TiVo working hard?) and NOW - Haiku Smackdowns? I mean - it may be too much euphoria for this Zoot to handle.


I'm SO there. Hmmm. Is it too late to take the day off tomorrow? :-)


Skitz! I can't comment at your site, but baby your URL for me is off.


three years ago a pool of friends and i would write the nastiest, grossest, sickest haikus and email them to each other, seeing who can top each other.
this brings back memories. sick memories, but indeed, memories.


Count me in! :)

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