Post-Smackdown: "Ow. Stop Smacking."
Mondays Suck Ass



Pretty shoes! Dude, it looks like Soprano dude is in YOUR ROOM (same color background).

Hi. I've had wine.


Nice fucking shoes! And don't tell me what the fuck happens. I haven't caught the DVDs for the last fucking season. Capiche?


I like your new shoes, and I TOTALLY see what Lauren's sayin' and I've had NO wine.


I want those pretty shoes! It also looks like Tony Soprano can't even look at your feet, he's so jealous of them.


Where is everyone today? Amy? Lauren? Leigh? Chris? Zoot? Anyone?



I was/am at YOUR house Coleen, talking about your Sunday Dinners! Yum.


forget the shoes. Look at your pretty feet! I'm so fucking jealous. I have the ugliest feet in the world. The second toe on my left foot is a different size and shape then the second toe on my right foot and don't even get me started on the BIG toes. I don't want to hate you... but damn you for having pretty feet!!!!!!!!!!!


Sexy shoes and pretty feet...AND the Sopranos! Now, that's one hell of a combination!

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