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The War of the Amalah

Last night died. Temporarily. It was a mercy killing. And it's not quite right yet.

So I've been trying (And. Trying.) to set up a group weblog for all the cool boy and girls in the Judith Light Brigade. I registered a domain and everything. So la la la, I'll map the domain to the TypePad weblog, just like I did for

TypePad was all, "Oh no you won't!" And I was all, "Whuuut?" And TypePad was all, "No."

And it went back and forth like this for awhile.

(Public Service Announcement for TypePad users: If you do a TypePad blog and do the domain mapping thing, make sure you map to the SPECIFIC WEBLOG, not your main TypePad site (i.e. map to instead of just to Because if you ever want to add another one? You have to totally screw up your first one. You have to unmap completely and restore all default DNS settings. And you feel sad and you cry and you curse a lot. And cursing makes Baby Jesus cry.)

So for some reason seems to be working, which is weird because it technically SHOULDN'T be working. I set up the DNS and everything but I haven't activated the domain mapping because everytime I do the site loses its pretty style sheet and looks all ugly. So for now? We're just leaving it sort of half-assedly mapped because we don't want to anger the TypePad gods. So shhhh. Be quiet.

Also, when I say "we" I obviously only mean myself, because I'm crazy and have been doing this third-person thing for awhile now and I don't know where it came from.

Also also, it's Haiku Smackdown time. Go and play over at Hussified.

Also also also, I get to have lunch with Chris today, and you don't. We're getting (what else?) burritos, the food of the gods. Whee.



Well, my probs are off an on as well. I am letting Yahoo! Domains keep - FOR NOW - the damn bitches. They wont let me transfer to GoDaddy. So, to spite them, I registered 3 domains at GoDaddy. Now, I dont know what the HECK to do with them all! But, I am so glad you said what you did about mapping to the specific blog, or I? Would have done the EXACT same thing.


only works for me.....'' goes to a godaddy registration page. it dorky of me to ask if you happened to catch the new judith light sitcom which premiered last night? :) i immediately thought of the brigade.


Holy shit. It works. IT ALL FUCKING WORKS! is fully operational. The super-secret-soon-to-be-revealed Judith Light Brigade site works too.


And in love with TypePad once again. Are you still my boyfriend TypePad?


Woohoo for jlbrigade!! And for everyone wondering, I have a super fantastic uber-wonderful time at lunch with Amy. You all should be VERY jealous. Picture coming soon.


I read the explanation you sent me to the JLB and I laughed and I laughed and I kind of fell in love with you *this* much more.

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