I saw Hildalgo today, but that's not what's important...
Salad Days

Mondays Suck Ass

Hey look everybody! Amy's bitching about Mondays! Such a thing has never before been written in blog form! Such stunning originality!

< /sarcasm >

Let me tell you about today:

Right before I woke up this morning, I had a nightmare about The Sopranos. But not like you would think. No, it wasn't all violent with whackings and such. I dreamt that I was dancing at the Bada Bing and nobody was paying any attention to me except Paulie Walnuts, who creeps me out to no end. I just wanted him to give me money but he wanted to talk and tell me his sad life's story and then he started to cry. Which creeped me out even more. And then Tony came over and was all, "What the fuck did you do? Why the fuck did you make him cry?" And when I tried to tell Tony that I was sorry I realized I couldn't talk because of the rubber bands on my braces. And if you watch The Sopranos, you know what happens to Bada Bing girls who wear braces.

And then I woke up. Good morning!

Then I came to work. All day with this work thing! I have until 5 p.m. to get this one newsletter to print. It was supposed to print on Friday but it couldn't because it was just So Very, Very Bad. Readers from last month may remember me mentioning a little something called The Worst Eight Pages of Text Ever Written Since the Dawn of Mankind, Amen? Yep. Same guy, and this time, it's personal! Personal, as in: He hates his poor editor and wants her to have a nervous breakdown every first week of every month.

Sigh. He makes me cry like I make Paulie cry. Where's Tony? Oh right, in my LIVING ROOM. Hee.



Don't cry! Kick his ass instead, for real.


I remember the last frustrated post regarding this guy. That sucks. But, Nothing should really upset you with those adorably sexy shoes you now own. I mean, if someone with shoes that new and that cute is having a bad day, something is wrong with this world!!


See, that's why this guy is making life so very hard -- he lives in Florida and hasn't even SEEN what pretty shoes I have!

Unless he's seen this website, which in that case I am so very, very fired.


Ooohhh, I remember the girl with braces. Not good. Sorry you had a crappy Monday. I got to be in the crappy Monday club too.


BTW...you're shoes are cracking my ass up with the latest B&TB episode ;-)


I have to admit, I've never seen the Sopranos. Maybe thuesday'll be a better day for you :)

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