Haiku Smackdown!!
I saw Hildalgo today, but that's not what's important...

Post-Smackdown: "Ow. Stop Smacking."

Oh people, people. It has not been a good day. Buoyed by the tremendous success of the first-ever Thursday Haiku Smackdown, I went out drinking last night. As did...well, almost everybody else. And being the Big Dumb Self-Loving Losers that we are, we all drunk-dialed, drunk-Haiku'd and drunk-talked-on-telephone until the wee hours of the morning.

This morning? Hurting. Just a bit. Ow. Light and sound? Pair of evil fuckers.

I believe Coleen said what we all felt this morning best:

I would pay cash money or sexual favors for an egg mcmuffin right now.

Preach it, sister.

But no amount of cash money could buy the hilarity, the brilliance, the just plain blogging innovation that was yesterday's prolific marathon of Haiku-ing. I shall treasure the 130-odd Haikus on my comments board forever. I shall treasure the 90 bazillion hits this site got yesterday (yes, mostly us hitting refresh, shut up). I shall not, unfortunately, treasure the 130-odd emails I received. New comment posted new comment posted new comment posted new comment posted new comment posted etc. etc. Holy God in heaven there were a lot.

Also? I got my hair cut yesterday. And I took pictures after I'd had a few. Priceless. Click below to see the carnage.

Pre-cut. Procrastinate much? madfringe.JPG

Post-cut. Please note the vaguely psychotic look and crazy bitch eyes. No idea what's going on here. Also: Top lip. I do have one. postcut.JPG

The back of my head, sort of. I'm not sure why I attempted to take a picture of the back of my own head, but from the look of my reflection in the mirror I was taking it awfully damn seriously. back.JPG

And this last one? Just because. Because I am an IDIOT who can't work my camera. And who never washes my bathroom mirror, apparently. doh.JPG



For the record (and at the risk of sounding all holier-than-thou) I didn't touch the stuff last night and I was asleep at a reasonably decent hour. Actually, that might mean that no one loves me. In which case, I'm sad...but I don't have a headache.

Excellent pictures! Dig the cut ;-)


Poor Chris the Cactus
Did not get drunk-dialed or
Drunk-Haiku'd last night.

My head hurts. I love
Chris for IMing me with
small quiet letters.




did you hire a celebrity double stand-in
for the photo session?

this is a marvelous set of pix...


I got a trim myself girl, as did LittleZoot b/c today is PICTURE DAY at his school. And Get this: Dude put a SILICONE product in my hair. It was "silicone this" and "silicone that" blah blah blah. Shouldnt that go in my boobs?


Oh Miss Amy, yo.
You are a hot tamale!
Drunk OR sober, yo.


I'm happy to see I'm not the only one who never washes my bathroom mirror either. *lol*


the haikus had me peeing my pants, literally (it happens when you laugh really hard when you're pregnant)

Preeeeetty hair!

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