Well, Go On Then
The War of the Amalah

So much to talk about, so little to say

Here are some of the topics I considered writing an entry about:

1) Deep sea fishing for fun and profit. (Thanks, Chris.)

2) Fun things you can do with your stapler. (Again, thanks Chris.)

3) Quantum Physics, Or Things I Don't Know About Quantum Physics. (Yes, yes, thanks Chris.)

4) Why people end up looking like their pets. (Ok, Chris, ENOUGH.)

5) Why TypePad hates me.

6) The sheer awesomeness of the word "Amalaholic."

7) Who left me that voice mail just now and why won't I just pick up the damn phone and check?

8) The sheer awesomeness of the Coach (Coach!) mini-day-planner thing my friend just gave me for no reason other than her sheer awesomeness.

9) The unfairness that her sister works for Coach and gets literal buckets of free stuff all the damn time.

10) The crazy $98 price tag that we found inside the free Coach mini-day-planner and who in sam hill would pay $98 for a four-inch day-planner?

11) The amount of money I have paid Coach in the past two years and other interesting long-term investments I could have done with it instead.

12) At what point in my life did I stop being horrified at $630 shoes?

13) I don't own $630 shoes, mind you. I just want them. More talktalktalk stuff about shoes.

14) The fact that the voice mail was from a doctor's office that I don't go to anymore confirming David's appointment for tomorrow at 9:45 a.m. Noted.

15) Who is David??

16) Should I call back?

17) Why Amy doesn't like the phone, and won't use it unless absolutely necessary and life-threatening, and even then she'd prefer to send an email.

18) More things I don't know about Quantum Physics.

19) Why Amy thinks it's amusing to list random topics instead of just buckling down and writing an actual freaking entry.

20) What medications is Amy taking today and what are the side effects? Go on, guess!



Call back and confirm for David. And also mention the bizarre growth he'd like the doctor to take a look at. And his bad breath.

Kidding aside, I do hope you're feeling better today.


I don't like phones either. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm also glad I didn't have to pick up the phone and call you to tell you that.


Quantum Physics Rocks!


But Quantum Leap rocks more!
(not really, but that's what jumped into my head)

Also, a non-telephone using person. My cell phone, each month I use 30-40 minutes, I have 600!


$630 for a pair of shoes, that's zootrageous!

(tres cute, though)


I think you're sniffing the glue at Miss Doxie's place and the side effects are... well... I don't know all of them but it seems to stem around thinking you're other people (i.e. Alice) and wanting to be an outrageous shopper (i.e. $630 shoes). Not to mention not being able to write real posts instead of lists. But I like lists. By the way... use the internet to see if you can find an email for that doctors office and e-mail them about the mix-up. Also, Find out who David is. Then yell at him for giving out your phone number. Even if he didn't give it out. It's just fun.


I ment paint by the way. I'm sniffing glue. Not that there's any glue anywhere around me... but I need an excuse for being a ditz today. So that's my excuse for everything. I'm sniffing glue. Why is my hair messy? I'm sniffing glue. Why is my desk a train wreck? I'm sniffing glue. Why are my eyes green? I'm sniffing glue. Why am I an amalaholic? Amy's sniffing paint.


You're taking my meds aren't you? How do you do that?? I think you should blog about the the the ehm history of Haiku!

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