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Well, Go On Then

So I haven't posted anything since Monday night. Bad Amy!

But I did just post an awesome guest entry over at Chris' place, so all you Amalaholics can get a quick fix there.

I'll try to post something else later today. Somebody give me a topic. Please.

(Amalaholics! Oh my god! I am SO FUNNY!)



Well, I dont know a new topic, but check this out: my TiVo told me to watch the first 10 minutes of that new Dawn of the Dead movie that they snuck into Final Destination (some new promotion technique, i dont know).

Anywho - i always obey the TiVo - so I watched it and Girl, get ready, you are soooo going to get told you look like the chic from Dawn of the Dead. The girl who is the lead in the first 10 minutes of the movie (she may die in the next 10, who knows) looks just like you. Well, just like you do in the pictures you put on your blog, if - of course - you were covered in teh blood of teh crazy vampire zombies you were fighting.


Is there a 12 step program for being an Amalaholic? If there is I need the info. I fear I've succumbed to the Amalaholic in me. Can you stage an Intervention??


is there a support group?


Hi. My name is Chris. And I'm an Amalaholic.


Thanks for the guest post! :-)


Amalaholics!! Haha :)

I wanted to say what Chris said. But since he said it already it's not funny anymore. Although they (who's they?) say that when a joke is repeated that can be even more funny. Ehm. I should stay of the meds.

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