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Good Gracious Friday

Blogging Works...And I've Got Proof

A few reasons why blogging is perhaps the most effective tool in sorting out life's various little annoyances:

1) Pristine toilet-seat covers. Ever since. Somebody read my post and felt ashamed of being a dirty and gross paper-seat-over conservationist. As well she should.

2) Just about every coworker who reads this site was all, "Who is he? Who's This Guy?" And I outed him and he has been ostracized and shunned and cast away and other words like that from our cool inner circle. I also learned his name, which I won't tell you. Well, I'll tell you that his first name begins with a P and ends in an L. There may also be an A and a U in there too.

3) The Department of Education sent me a letter explaining deferments and why they are good and not bad and why they love me and totally do not think I am stupid. Take that, NotThatJason!

4) I went to Sephora to buy a birthday gift for a friend and had it gift-wrapped. As I waited, I told the ready-made anecdote about me and the Sephora Christmas ribbon. I stole it, word for word, from the site and the girl laughed because I sounded so witty. And she gave me a $1,000 shopping spree because I was so funny. (Warning: I made part of this story up.)

5) The author of the previously lamented Worst Pages of Writing Ever That Make Amy Cry and Also Drink Vodka Early In the Day has improved tremendously. He must have sensed my wrath. Or learned how to Google. This month his newsletter was not so sucky. It had commas. And verbs. We're still working on the difference between plurals and possessives but Amys nerve's are doing much better.

6) Not only have I NOT been fired, I had a serious and intellectual discussion with VP Mike in Florida about journalling and the blogging community and its impact on modern day publishing. Or something like that. We were kind of drunk. But he likes the site and thinks I'm funny! So I'm like, invincible, right?

7) Jason cleaned my bathroom mirror. What a doll.



Surely you expected no less on the blog for Amalah, queen of Everything did you?


You ain't right, girlie, you know that?

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