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"Delete Post" Cannot Be Undone. Ever!

For you lucky few who came here over the weekend and got to read a certain post that was written when a certain girl was a little...tipsy? Congrats. In 20 years? When is the blog equivalent to The Beatles? You can say you were there to read the Long Lost Forgotten Post, because it ain't coming back. TypePad ate it. Poof! Goodbye.

And believe it or not, I didn't write that particular post in Word first, save and then cut and paste into TypePad. I know you're shocked, but as I recall...well, actually I don't recall anything about writing the post, which was kind of the point. Anyway.

My mommy reads this site and I already upset her enough with all the fucks and damns and whatnot so I can't give her the impression that her baby girl's life is all about the drinkin' ana' cussin' ana' fightin' ana' feudin'. So bye-bye post.

Although really, how sad is it that Amy gets sloshed and decides to post something and ends up writing about old ER reruns, her dinner and her purse? And also that she can't spell the word "drunk" but can spell "sanctimonious?" Well, actually...that's pretty damn funny.

Shit. Sorry about deleting it. I'll get drunk and post again real soon, promise.



Oh but the drunk post are always the best ones. I know that some of my best post ever have been from when I was drunk. Drink Up


Ha ha ha... I read it. I thought that it was pretty damn funny, to tell you the truth! Right on Sista!


Damn, I missed it. I do't think a drunk post would be funny, as written by me. I can barely type correctly when I'm sober.


Can I purchase the cliff notes?


Damn. I missed it. Because I was too busy slinking under a rock hanging my head in shame for all of my drinking that I did pre-weekend. Why couldn't I have gotten drunk and then come home and updated, instead of doing dumb-ass shit? Why??


I'll admit, it was pretty damn amusing but I understand why you took it down. But really? It was pretty damn funny!


You know, that lost post is probably in someone's cache, if you really wanted it back.


Ooh, good thought Gene. I delete my cache every other hour for fear of someone learning the extent of my Web surfing habits. Plus all the tranny porn links.

Somebody go find the Long Lost Forgotten Post for me in your cache. I will not have you selling it on eBay for a lot of money someday.


Woo hoo! *hand in air* I am a sad person who reads blogs at the weekend because I have no life of my own!!


The best part was the bug on the ladies shirt... and the dialog that went with it!!


Jesus H. Christ, I missed it! I was too busy get drunk my own self. Did you end up doing shots of Turkey before housecleaning like Leigh and I told you? Good girl.


You have GOT to send a copy to loyal readers who didn't get to see the original. You are a TEASE! A copy in an email inbox won't show up in a Google search, I promise. :)


Hee. I just stumbled upon your site over the weekend and that was the first thing that greeted me. I was amused and poked around the rest of your site -- I've blogrolled you because you make me laugh whether drunk or sober. But especially drunk.

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