Happy Easter
Moving On


I'm having a shit day. The shittiest shitty day, like ever. Not even the COACH LEATHER PORTFOLIO that I just got for FREE (FREEEEE) can cheer me up.

Anyway. Am obviously not in a very posty mood right now. Hopefully tomorrow? Not so shittastic. I'm having lunch with Chris then, so it's gotta be better.

So the last thing I'll say is that this?


Is CRAP. Garbage. Take a memo in your Coach portfolio. It's shit. SHIIIIIIIT.



i'm sorry amy. if its any consolation? i know now not to buy that test, b/c its SHIT (thanks to you - queen of everything). and also? i found out sore boobs dont always mean pregnancy. so, i'll hate your stupid red box lying ovulation kit if you'll hate my sore boobs that turns out dont mean pregnancy. deal?


I found out I wasn't pregnant either. Then I realized I hadn't ovulated. And then? I realized I couldn't. My ovaries were missing! Oh, wait...


Those ovulation kits are worthless -- I even bought some super kit that tracks your days in a little monitor. What a waste. So, your memo has been noted. And also? I'm really sorry.

Suzanna Danna

I'm really sorry Amy. Thank you for the warning.


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