Yes, Amy Is Still Going On About Her Foot
Back, Bitches

This Is Only Vaguely About My Foot

First of all, I'm addicted. I love Codeine a little too much. I feel all floaty.

Second of all, I'm silly. I refused to bring my crutches to work today because I am a trooper. Which I am not really.

Third of all, I'm stupid. I took my shoe off during lunch to prop my foot up and ice it. Now I can't get my shoe back on.

Fourth of all, I'm loved. My office bubbe brought me sodas and brownies after she learned of my injury. Everybody in the world should have an office bubbe.

Fifth of all, I'm busy. I have a bazillion meetings this afternoon and I'm attending them all barefoot. Sorry, coworkers.

Sixth of all, I'm confused. I don't know what's up with the numbering thing I'm doing.

Seventh of all, I'm leaving for Vermont tonight. Surprise! Don't think I'll be skiing though. Maybe I'll have another packing diary for you. Codeine-fueled this time, which means I will probably take a lot of tie-dyed stuff or things that feel soft.

Eighth of all, has gone totally portalicious! Journals and blogs hand-picked by Judith Light and her fearless Brigade will be featured there daily whenever updatey things happen. So if you want to know when all the cool kids update their journals and also read wicked funny updatey blurbs by Me (MEEE!)? Bookmark this instant and go there often. We'll be adding new journals and sites as we deem them awesome enough. Wheee!

Ninth of all, why don't you go write some 'ku? Chris has some lovely beastiality-themed pictures for inspiration this week, although Tributes to Amy and the Great Footening Incident of 2004 are also encouraged.



Maybe you can join Whitney in the rehab clinic? :))


JLB looks great. Cant wait to hear about the trip. Can I have some brownies?


Hey Amy,
You don't know me but I read your blog and I also read skitz's blog but she stoped writing. I heard that she got a new blog. I was wondering if you knew what it was.


P.S. could you please email me if you know.


Hmmm...codiene. They gave me vicodin after my wisdom teeth extraction. It was awesome, until it made me puke.


Thanks Amy,

but never mind I found it. It wasn't skitz I wanted anyway but thanks anyway


Don't ask me how I stumbled upon your blog, but I've been reading for about a month or so now, and girl, you crack me up. :)

I hope that your foot is doing better, and that all is well in your world! Feel free to pop over to ma'blog if ya like... It's not nearly as entertaining as yours, but hey, it's all good.

At any rate, have a great day!
Take it tizzy!

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