This Is Only Vaguely About My Foot

Yes, Amy Is Still Going On About Her Foot

Did I mention that Jason had his camera phone with him in the ER?


12:45 a.m. "Where the fuck is that nurse with my ice chips and narcotics? And I'm about to shove a bedpan up that guy's ass if he doesn't stop moaning about it."


12:52 a.m. The victim. 26 years old, seven and a half inches in length. Was wearing sparkly red polish at the time of the attack. Don't be deceived by the pretty, unsullied white skin. She hurts from the inside.


1:13 a.m. This is your wife, not on drugs and not amused. Whee.



Thank god for camera phones! That last photo is a little blurry. You're telling him he's the #1 husband, right? :-)


I'm surprised you didn't put to use any of the sharp implements handy in an emergency room.


Those photos are great!


He took pictures of you? You should have shoved the bed pan up *his* ass. Damn camera phones.


I hope your foot feels better. And I hope the ER visit brought on some good drugs for you!


Aww poor thing. I bet you didn't polish the nails while enjoying Wodka & packing? :)) Feel better soon!!

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