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Shut Up, It's Still Wednesday For 2 More Hours

Slight Delay in Programming

Many insincere apologies, but today's Wednesday Advice Smackdown post will not be available until sometime this evening. Besides being shitstormingly busy at work today, I also left the majority of questions on my laptop at home. So d'oh.

Speaking of the New Hotness Grand Duchess Carmichael Judith Light Machine, I have discovered that she is capable of ripping my TiVo'd shows from the TiVo and onto DVDs. Oh my god. All I need is to buy some connector whatzit video capture thingie (yes, that's seriously what it's called). And then burn, baby, burn.

In other news, Jason bought me these. Possibly as part of a Bring Back the Cherries Theme campaign of some sort. What do y'all think? Time for a revamp? Time to see what the Judith Light Machine is capable of, graphics-wise? (And no, I will NOT incorporate a picture of my ass in those panties, so I don't even wanna hear it.)

Anyway. Advice column tonight. Tell your friends. Spread the word. Set your TiVos.



How about a picture of your panties on your head?


HA! Lee. Yeah - put the JLMachine to work and see what sexiness she can create!

your adoring handmaiden

Oh come on-- be a sport-- don't you want to be able to tell your grandchildren about the time you incorporated your ass into a pair of cherry knickers and posted it for all your loyal subjects? (and yes, I used the British term "knickers" as that's the Queen's English, of course).

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