The 2004 Amalah Awards
Adventures in Disposable Income



You are now, quite officially, my idol. (Heck, there are a myriad of things I would've preferred doing this weekend, but you had to go and indulge in my favorite vice!)


Darn! I missed that sale!!!


Great, now I'm totally gonna have a complex, the cufflinks I got from there didn't come in a bag nearly that big.


I am SO PROUD my darling. Really.


Okay. I wanted to ask this the other day, but I was too embarassed. Now? I must. Um...Where did those come from? (Please keep in mind I live in a 160K people city in Alabama and excuse me for my ignorance)


I wish I could go shopping like that. I'm poor and a little jealous. Would you adopt me and take me shopping?


Pink pink! Wha??? I lurve pink...

What store is this???

Fraulein N

Uh ... like Zoot, I'm gonna have to go on and admit I don't know where those are from. And I don't even have the small Alabama city excuse.


Dude, I'm so going into Pink. And guess what? I get a discount!


totally cute bags!! those are definately the kind you want to use all the time to be seen with on the metro.

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