Of Memes and Arrogance
Yesterday (Start Humming, Bitches)


It's here! It's here! Couchity goodness!

So here's the thing. Last week, when the couch was SUPPOSED to be delivered, two guys showed up and were all, "No." So we rescheduled so they could bring in MORE guys to help.

Two guys showed up today. Two.

And they were all, "Hercules!" And got that puppy up the stairs and into my living room in 10 minutes flat. And they complimented my wall color.

So the couch is here. It's a sleeper and it's pretty and I am looking forward to my very first nap on it.

And yes...I put together a little photo essay about a damn couch, because the Internet NEEDS to see my couch. Couch couch couch.


Max loved the old couch. He loved sitting his fat ass on the back cushions and causing them to completely collapse.


See? Smoosh.


And here's the new one. Pretty!


Old n' Busted...and the New Hotness. With special guest star: Vacuum Cleaner!


Max still likes Old n' Busted.

Also, in Non-Couch Related News, we bought the video capture DVD XR writer digtal input thingie and can now burn all our TiVo shows to DVD. It's glorious.


Dudes! I can get a Season Pass to Who's the Boss and then? Upload actual moving talking Judith Light quotes. Oh my God, shut up, Amy! Shut up! It's all too exciting.



Whoops. I just realized what a huge "FUCK YOU" this entry was to anyone with a dial-up connection. Sorry. But not really. Get high-speed already bitches, if only to enhance your amalah.com viewing experience.

Another Pam

That is a LOVELY new couch. And I do enjoy the wall colour as well. And that cat looks like he is just waiting for you go to sleep. "Sleep with one eye open bitch"

Jasara Evangelist

My kittens, Stella and Maya especially like to sit on my grody ole couch in the SAME SPOT as Max! What the heck is with that? It must be in cat DNA or something.

At any rate... enjoy your new couchie goodness... And I, too, like the color of your walls. :)


Its a done deal. Will reference this page when painting new apartment. Did you do that yourself?


Hell with the couch -- I'm too busy lovin' on Max! What a sweetie-peety. I want to eat him up.

But yes, the walls are lovely. It's nice to see someone who's not afraid of color.


Hey BABE!!! LOURVE the new couchy! Although, I love Max too. And that wall color??? FANTABALISTIC!!! (Like that? I made it up just now, just for you! YOU! YOU! YOU!) Love itsssssssssss!!!

purrrrrrr (me, not him)

Now get this babycakes... I have a FLAME-POINT Himalyan boy (ie: a siamese with fab long hair)....named ...(Drumroll please)......



Beautiful *sigh* just beautiful... not the couch of a woman with children! I'm envious!


Ahhhh the couch delivery trials and tribulations....

My boyfriend's parents have been waiting for their couch to be delivered since March. Yah.

Very nice! I love the color. Looks cozy as hell. I can't wait until we have a bigger place and can get a real couch!


That looks great...not just the couch but you're whole place. And Max of course! Can't wait for the JL quotes ;-)


I'm a grammar dork...but I meant "your" instead of "you're." Perhaps I'm making it worse by calling myself out on it. Um...how bout those Mets?

your personal handmaiden now and forever

Go-Go-go-go gorgeosity! But jesus-- what's with Max and the fangs-- that is one scary shot-- I'd be running if he pulled that 'I'm really a wild leopard' shit on me.


Loave loave LOAVE the new couch! Also, my big ol' ghetto-bootied cat does the same thing to my couch that Max did to Old n' Busted. I only fluff/vacuum it when I'm having company, because otherwise it's just pointless.

Also, I loave your wall color. Will you come decorate my apartment for me? I have vodka!


When I come sleep at your house, I'm totally crashing on that couch. I promise that I won't be drunk on it. Much.


What's prettier? The couch? The Cat? Or the walls?


Amy, I just got a new couch myself, and the first nap? Glorious. Cheers to your first nappy.


Beautiful new couch, great color on the walls. It's always interesting to see something a little bit different like that. Did you and your husband do that orange yourself?

Bond Girl

"Hercules!" Love it.
Your cat looks like he's plotting something.


OH. MY. GOD. I totally saw "you" at the mall yesterday. Except, obviously not you. But a perfect clone of you, a Canadian clone, in Polo Park mall in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

It freaked me RIGHT OUT.


Very pretty, indeedly. Oh, and I actually saw this last night...had it up on the comment screen to post, then left my computer for about EIGHTEEN HOURS, so if you have some crazy stat showing someone visiting your site for a million years, that would be me. Such love for all things Amy that I keep your site up while I AM NOT HERE. Nice!

Don't think I don't see that Jon Stewart book in your stash! Is it good??


I'm actually thinking of stopping by and stealing that whole pile of books while you're distracting showing someone the new couch. Not that it isn't lovely of course, but the books would be much easier for me to steal.

Love the wall color. I'd try it myself, but I think it would look unbelievably bad with my sage green furniture. Oh well.

Fraulein N

LOAVE the new couch. And the delightful wall color. And the sometimes crossed-eyed kitty. Hee! He looks like he might put the hex on you if you try to take away his Old 'n' Busted.


Since I don't have a 34523490898 inch monitor, I can't see (and ergo, admire) your wonderful couchness when I click on the pictures. But still! Pretty!

type a

loving max!! and the couch and the wall. you're like a real grown up. my 1994 rooms-to-go couches just aren't what they used to be.


My dog (has cat DNA somewhere?) sits on the cushions the same way. It's the only way he can see to bark at the squirrels. And cicadas. Kidding - he just pees on them.

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