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Holy Crap, Blank Space

Why does a new document in Word have to be so white? And wide? And…blank? It’s very intimidating, especially when you have NOTHING TO WRITE ABOUT.

But this was why I started this godforsaken website, though, right? So I’d be forced to write everyday instead of watching Simpsons reruns or playing little online games like this one? So I’d be forced to wring creativity from my brain like an old sponge that has been used to scrub the bathroom one too many times but every time you’re at the grocery store you forget to buy sponges? Right?

In other words, nothing of interest has happened to me. And definitely nothing of interest that could be strung together with other interesting things to make one interesting website update has happened to me.

So I guess it’s time for some stream-of-consciousness writing, where I simply yap on about whatever occurs to me until I’ve filled up the majority of this big blank screen. Brace yourselves.

My choice of salad dressing utterly destroyed my otherwise lovely salad from Whole Foods. “Roasted red pepper ranch” sounds delightful, doesn’t it? Sadly, no. Yeeeewww.

Every other day this week I ate a cup of ramen noodles from the vending machine. No, I don’t feel very good about that either.

Jason has lost five pounds on the South Beach Diet already. I am trying not to hate him for it.

But how can I hate a man who bought me a present EVERY DAY THIS WEEK? I cannot hate such a man. First, he ordered a whole heap of stuff from Victoria’s Secret, and due to backorders and the crazy way VS packs stuff, it all arrived in the mail one item at a time. Shoes! Nighties! Tops! Bikinis! Panties with cherries on them! Every day was a celebration of ME ME ME!

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but Jason buys me clothes all the damn time and is damn good at it. The man SHOPS, people. With ME. For SHOES. He has OPINIONS. Opinions that I have learned to trust implicitly, as he has much better taste and more patience than I.


And Jason will have wandered over to a different display and have chosen the most beautiful shoe that is not only a designer brand but has been marked down to ridiculous levels. And even if it hasn’t, he’ll talk me into buying it. We’re a very dangerous team.

Anyway. After the Victoria’s Secret bounty all arrived, he brought home a dozen yellow roses. And then the next day, the brand-new book from David Sedaris that he happened to notice at the store, like, three minutes after it was unloaded from the truck.

And he bought advance tickets to see Harry Potter. I think I might just swoon.

Jason also has impeccable taste when it comes to ordering food. If he’d been at Whole Foods he would have known not to get the roasted red pepper ranch dressing.

Or at least known to taste it before completely drenching your entire salad in it.

And on a completely unrelated note, y’all want me to be in your weddings. Because I rock at it. I’m MOH in my friend Andie’s wedding this September, and first, I found two very lovely and flattering bridesmaid dresses secondhand through another friend for the other two girls, saving each of them a heap load of money.

(I didn’t get a secondhand dress for myself because I assumed I’d be like, six months pregnant by the time the wedding came around. Oh Amy, you’re so stupid. I laugh at you, stupid girl.)

So I was GOING to order a matching dress full-price through the store, but then lo and behold…eBay, bitches. I got the exact same dress as the other bridesmaids on eBay. In exactly my size. For $54. Boo. Yah.

Here is the dress. It’s pretty and has a little shawl for my wan and delicate shoulders, which look exactly like the model’s.


So I think I have filled up adequate white space now. Plus I need to do work. The latest newsletter from a certain author I work with contains a poem. A big long poem. Did I mention these are financial newsletters? About stocks and bonds and mutual funds? Did you know there are poems about those things too? I did not. But I do know this: There should not be poems about those things.

Especially poems that read like this.
That are only preferable to watching a bris.

Singsongy lines with singsongy rhymes,
The creator of which should hang for his crimes.

If Dr. Seuss ever wrote about stocks
It would probably suck great bloody bullocks.

So obviously, I have a lot of work to do right now. Have a nice weekend, muggles.



My bridemaid dresses made your site, I feel honored! You'll look marvelous in it! What a steal at $54, you didn't happen to buy it from someone named Tracey, did you?

type a

what the hell??
is it your birthday or anniversary? did you just win the nobel prize? or save his family from a burning building? or live in a stepford community?

does he train others?


I made the opposite mistake at Whole Foods today -- couldn't pick a dressing, so my salad was bland and boring. My soup was yummy though.


You totally need to keep me away from your husband. Because I'd steal him in a heartbeat. Not permanently, and not for anything naughty -- just for a good jaunt shoe-shopping. Joe is my ideal man in almost every way, but I'm ever-so-sad that he doesn't share my love for shoes. I'm hoping that our relationship can make it past this giant hurdle.

your personal handmaiden now and forever

Man, when you had nothing to say I was all prepared for MONKEY-- but no, you lied (I'm sorry my Queen, but you LIED)-- we learned all kinds of things here about you--queen of finding bridesmaid dresses, Jason-- perfect shoe-finding prince for HRH, roasted red pepper ranch is gross gross gross, and YES --keep visioning the 6-month pg you and then so it shall be . . .


Yay for Jason! I was ever so relucant to start the South Beach Diet myself, it was just a little too bandwagon-ish-diety for me I thought, but seriously people, it's really worth a try. I ehl.oh.vee.ee love it. yay.


You're spoiled!!! But, I have a feeling you probably deserve to be spoiled. So, ENJOY!!


Hmmm... which am I more jealous of... I cannot choose... so I shall envy and covet it all (except the wanting-to-be-6-months-pregnant thing, which I already have several t-shirts from, so no thanks). Enjoy your weekend!


Girl! "Roasted pepper ranch?" You should have known better than that. Unless you like way-spicy stuff. But obviously you don't (nor do I). Sorry. :(

Your husband sounds like an example of the perfect metrosexual. All of us ladies need one. Rock the neverending arrivals from Victoria's Secret! :)


Didn't you try that dressing months ago and say the exact same thing? You must give me the lowdown on Harry...we made an aborted attempt to see him today but the place was crawling, crawling I tell you!


You officially have the best husband ever. But in the bridesmaid department, I too have discovered the joys of Ebay and come up with this gem for the last weekend in August (nb: i still am bad at linking)http://www.watters.com/product.x?line=%20&pid=865&page=9.
One more time though, Jason rocks.

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