Holy Crap, Blank Space
Of Memes and Arrogance

The Debate at Hand

Quick...is it inappropriate to go braless to the Harry Potter movie? Like I know it's a kids' movie, but it's not like it's a kids' movie, right? Besides, Hermione has more of a chest than I do at this point.

Not that I'm bitter or anything.

Also, if I read ONE MORE REVIEW of this movie that makes some sly comment about the threesome scene in Cuaron's Y Tu Mama Tambien (muy sexy, by the way) and the convenient threesome of Harry, Ron and Hermione, I shall lose it. WE GET IT.

Anyway, we're off to the movie now. Perhaps I shall come back and fix the missing accents in Cuaron's name and movie title, and maybe look up to see if I'm even spelling his name wrong, but Jason is hovering and I don't want to get into the bra discussion again.

Update: LOVE THAT MOVIE. Jason does too. Thumbs up all around. Fucking fantastic, best one yet, funny, scary, lovely, etc. And I have more than a little crush on Daniel Radcliffe, who is growing up to be much more attractive than I previously predicted. No Macauley-nightmare-in-waiting there. He's not too young, is he? Would I go to jail?



Braless is fine and appropriate, I say, but do keep in mind that movie theatres are often pretty chilly places...

Mindy, your one true ever'lastin' luv

Really? I quite fancy the little redhead! Excuse me, must go say a rosary...

Also? Anyone else think that that one line was changed? That it was originally written as, "Does my ass really look like that from behind??"

Mindy, your one true ever'lastin' luv

OH! RANT: there was a family there with TWO INFANTS. You really don't need me to fill in the rest.


Waaaahhhhhh, I won't be seeing it til it comes out on DVD. *pout*

But you can totally go for Daniel Radcliffe... as long as you leave your bra off. ;)


If you go braless, I will too. I'm going to see HP this afternoon (yee ha). It's raining here so my coat will probably cover any evidence.

Go for Danny Boy. A girl's gotta have a little fun y'know! I'll take that Josh whatshisname from The Day After Tomorrow. Half my age? Sooooo what!!


There is no problem with you having a thing for Daniel Radcliff, he's a brit, so you don't have to worry about the underage laws.(Don't quote me on that.) But I wouldn't take him across state lines or anything.

I just wish the HP movies would get an of age female star, I feel weird being attracted to Emma Watson.


I actually go braless to almost every movie I see. Almost...


I never wear a bra - I'm a camisole girl. Something about no-boobs that makes it seem pointless.

But - I have a crush on Rupert Grint. I kinda hate the movie Hermione (not the book Hermione) because of it.

type a

so i'm not sick for crushing on daniel? thank you.


anyone else notice this should have been called "harry potter and his just right messed up hair, oh look ron has a mullet"?

Scarlett Cyn

Oh yes, love me some Daniel Radcliffe. I'm going to see the movie tomorrow. I wish I could go bra-less, but well, just isn't feasable. Nope. They're too... big. But I can dream.

Amalah, um, willing to share him? We can take turns.

Mindy, I bet you have a thing for that redhead..... HEH!(Mindy's a readhead kinda woman these days!)

BTW Amalah.... I totally LOVE YOU! You kick ass.


I realize this is way late, but I heart me some Daniel Radcliffe, too, and it's good to know that I can share that guilt with others. But am I the only one that misses Oliver Wood? Wood, with his heavenly Scottish accent and fantasies of sitting behind him on his Quidditch broom, and a better chance of him being of age?

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