The One With The Cicadas
Haiku Smackdown : Mullets, Drunks & Internet Clichés


Christ, this site is a MESS. Sporadic updates, lame topics, and where did those stains on the carpet come from?

(Yes, Miss Doxie has a HILARIOUS new entry today so I've got a Journaler Inferiority Complex thing going on. I'd hate her if I didn't love her so.)


First, there will be no advice column today, because nobody sent in any questions. (Or any good not-stupid questions, rather.) Thus, the whole idea peaked, jumped the shark and flamed out in just under a month.

So apparently, I have the power to solve EVERY PROBLEM IN THE WORLD in just four advice columns. TAKE THAT, Dear Abby.

(A live reunion show is planned, however, so you can send any questions to amy[at] and they'll be held and cherished until that time.)

Second, the Haiku Smackdown site is down, we know. WordPress ate it. The same WordPress that ate last week's Smackdown. Future of blogging, my ass. In the meantime, the Smackdown will be HERE tomorrow. And hopefully some people will show up. I'm thinking White Trash 'ku again...

Third, Crate & Barrel's delivery guys are lazy, lazy bitches. We were supposed to get our couch today, but the guys showed up, took one look at the three flights of stairs we live up, and said hell no. Because the delivery instructions which said, "Delivery to third floor. No elevator." were obviously a mistake of some kind.

So we're getting a "custom delivery" on Friday, with extra bonus moving people. And now I have that damn Dire Straits "Money for Nothing" song stuck in my head. Fucking delivery people. (UPDATE: It's Tuesday now. TUES. DAY. And I'm all nervous that they'll end up with my beautiful couch stuck in the hallway and tell me I can't have my beautiful couch after all. Fucking delivery people.)

Fourth, we finally have a new Bold & Bloglicious episode, courtesy of Lauren. Watch it, loave it, ponder how long it will take Amy to write the next one.

Part 33: What What?



First off, yes, I know that the Crate & Barrel guys suck, in college, they would not bring our table up a single flight of stairs, so my roomate and I did it.

Second, the new soap opera movie rocks.

Third, the vegas pictures are awesome.


I know this is totally unrelated to your post, or mostly unrelated, but, uhhh... who was last week's Grandmaster? There's nowhere for me to go and look and I feel strangely empty without knowing whom to admire this week....

And I want a photo of the beautiful couch when it arrives. Either in your living room, or stuck in the hallway... your choice. ;)

your adoring handmaiden

Crate and Barrel delivery men are MONKEYS.


Domo arigato :-) And long live the Smackdown! We shall not be deterred!

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