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Amalah: The South Beach Album

I should start a band. That would be a cool album title.

Anyway. Um. Here! Pictures!

The South Beach Photo Album Spectacular Experience

That's all for today, as it took approximately eleventy million hours to upload all these pictures. ELEVENTY MILLION HOURS.



What's not to love? Drunk photos and sunburned scalps? Sounds like a v. successful vacay. Also, was guy in tacky golf shirt same guy from business trip in the bar in DC? (That was the worst sentence EVER). Glad you're back, Pretty!

Scarlett Cyn

Hey pretty baby! You look so gorgeous and as we Floridians like to call it.... SUN KISSED. Ok, so maybe the sun french kissed you and got all kinky with your scalp.

Pretty, pretty Amalah (as usual)and with her cutie pie honey Jason also!

Oh, and thanks for the other pics....they made me more homesick than flipping through Florida Homes Magazine. Mwah!

Scarlett Cyn

PS: Nevuh mind that I don't go NEAR the sun for any kissing of ANY KIND anymore and that I'm lily white.

You're still sun kissed!

And NOW you're CYN KISSED! MWAAAAAAH! Welcome back!

Suzanna Danna

Welcome back Amalah.

Verily, verily I say unto you... cute strapless top and white denim mini.

Pretty pictures!


thanks for sharing the pictures! You and Jason had a lovely, boozy vacation. I think I need on of those.
And you are SO so very pretty!!


I am v. proud of you what with all the champagne. I knew you wouldn't let me down.


I second the props on the strapless shirt/white mini combo. Love it. Also, pretty, pretty pictures.


Is it totally odd that I just love the hotel bathroom? It's so charming. Also? Slightly drunk orchids in hair Amalah? So purty :)


I love how the place gives you orchids, so you can look back at the photos later and remember how drunk you really were.


WHAT?! herself was in the M I A? I feel as though I've had some sort of brush with celebrity, almost.


Dude, I don't care how much you pay me, I am NOT going do to that shot with you at JournalCon.

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