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A Post About It

("It" being "The Crazy." Or in this case, "The Cryptic." It probably won't make a damn lick of sense to you. Blah.) It has not been a good week and a half. My meds are being switched and my doses upped. I'm coming off one antidepressant so I can start a new one tomorrow. Hopefully one that will do a bloody damn thing. I'm doubling my dosage of the mood stabilizer that was already kicking my ass pretty convincingly. I'm "a little ball of nervous tics," as my doctor observed, and am preparing for "four to five days of feeling... Read more →

Miami Rhapsody

Back! Back back back back! Miami Beach? Lovely. Totally going to get wiped off the face of the earth this weekend by hurricanes, but for the days we were there? Just lovely and sunny and pretty and nice. I'm tan, except for my scalp, which is totally red, and totally going to peel. Also pretty and nice. (The ratio of complete-sentences-typed-to-appearances-of-the-word-totally is off the charts already. Totally off the charts.) So Miami was great. Yes, there are pictures. No, I don't have them today. Although if you scour the Internet you might find one of a topless girl in a... Read more →

Mysteries of the Universe, Part One

In which Amalah confronts the questions of the ages... What the hell am I banging and bruising my knee on repeatedly? Who is kicking me without my knowledge? Where did all my red pens go? How do I keep buying and buying red pens and yet never have any? Is it totally wrong to think the cleaning people are probably stealing my pens? How can that really be how you spell "debilitating?" That doesn't look right. I feel like it needs an "h" in there somewhere. Why has my hair suddenly decided to be curly? When did this happen? My... Read more →

Wednesday Advice Smackdown

Yes, I know it's really Thursday, but it's still Wednesday in my mind. So I don't want to hear another word about it. Got it? Okay, on with the show... Dear Amalah, I always feel presumptuous when I put a link to other people's blogs on my own. So I'll ask this time around, may I? I mean, I know that's how it works. Link to blogs you really like. But my blog has an ego problem, it doesn't feel good enough to link to really good blogs. Which brings me to my advice needed question. And I wouldn't be... Read more →

Off The Rails

No advice column today. I may postpone it until tomorrow, or it might take a little hiatus and run away with the 'ku. I've made some light-hearted references to The Crazy and the Brain Doctor and la la la, Amalah's feeling a little blue and stressed. Prozac is the new Flintstones Vitamin, no big deal, she's FINE. FINE FINE FINE. Am not fine. Am dirty liar. I'm not going into details. < insert standard "people in real life read this" boilerplate here > I'm not going to spend a lot of time writing about it. In fact, I'll probably just... Read more →

Hold Please

Yes, hello, I’m here, alive, semi-well and whatever. Today is Big Print Deadline Day For The Accursed Eleventy Billion Special Reports Amy Had To Write And Also, Coincidentally, Random Capitalization Of Words Day. So I’m a wee bit busy. Just. A. Wee. Bit. So maybe I will be posting some random thoughts and do-dads throughout the day using my Handy Attention Deficit Disorder Gah Gah Gah Banners, or I may not post anything at all. The one thing I will not do? Which would be the one thing that would totally make the most sense? Is change my template back... Read more →