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Wednesday Advice Smackdown

SPECIAL HALF-ASSED THURSDAY EDITION! I know, I KNOW. I didn't post an advice column yesterday, to the disappointment of dozens. I was in a long-ass meeting all day at work. (Work! That! Right!) Eight hours long. Both breakfast and lunch were served. (Would an afternoon snack have killed them though?) I have a New Author at work who I will be editing. Well, I won't be editing HIM, I will be editing stuff he writes. Because clearly I have superior writing and communication skills. He came to the office yesterday so we all had to make a fuss over him... Read more →


I met my friend Andie at my first job out of college. The job sucked. Our three-martini-lunches-on-Fridays did not. We both left the Job Of Suck within two weeks of each other, and have been best friends ever since. Actually more like sisters. Sisters who are alcoholics and can rationalize ANY clothing purchase for the other in minutes. Andie: Well, I like this skirt, but I just bought that other skirt, plus the shoes, so I probably shouldn't buy this one too. Amy: But that skirt GOES with the new shoes. That skirt will go with EVERYTHING. Andie: Really? Even... Read more →

Of Poop & Puppies

Please stand by for The Big Fat Drunk Wedding entry, which has been delayed on account of PROJECTILE PUPPY DIARRHEA. The Precious is sick. I'm staying home with her today. Because I am a wreck. Because she is sick. We picked her up from the vet last night and she seemed okay, but she obviously lost some weight during the whole spaying-and-boarding ordeal. Which is HUGE when you only weigh like, 3 pounds. If we were on Animal Precinct and someone saw our skin-and-bones puppy we would so get arrested. But she's a super picky eater so we figured she... Read more →


Ceiba is fine. Her teeny little reproductive organs are no more, because we are Responsible Pet Owners. (Even though Jason was hit with an attack of the "But I want Ceiba puppies!" at the eleventh hour.) Anyway, we went to visit her last night. I KNOW, RIGHT? HOW PRECIOUS IS THAT PUPPY? OH MY GOD. And that's all I have for today! What a total gyp. I should be ashamed of myself. Tomorrow is The Wedding, we leave today in like, a few hours, I have not packed, I have lost the bride's card, I still did not sleep last... Read more →

Two Steps Forward

So I sent out an email yesterday to just about everyone with “insider knowledge” about my illness. The nice people who sent me emails offering comfort and virtual hugs. The nice people who were rewarded for their kindness with hysterical ramblings from me that usually contained entirely Too Much Damn Information, Crazy Girl. And to the other nice people who sent me nice things or offered to clean my house or gave me their home phone numbers with permission to yell PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE BITCH! into their answering machines. I told them all that I was doing better!... Read more →

The Wednesday Advice Smackdown

Welcome to this week's Advicie Column Thing. Don't be alarmed, but I think I actually give out some real advice today. I know! Craziness. Dear Amalah, I've been enjoying Wednesdays at your 'place' for quite awhile now, and I keep meaning to write you a question because getting a letter published on the Wednesday Advice Smackdown is quite literally, all I aspire to these days, partly because when you don't get questions, you're not happy, and an unhappy Amalah is an unhappy INTERNET. The problem is, I keep forgetting (blah blah busy life blah) and suddenly it's Wednesday again and... Read more →

T.V. From The Fiery Depths of Hell

The Gilmore Girls Season Premiere, On A 15-Inch Non-TiVo Television, As Watched By A Girl Who Is Not Used To Such Horror 7:32 Turn on regular television, hoping it has miraculously repaired itself in the past 48 hours 7:33 Pfft. Zzzzz. Crrck. Poof. 7:34 Fuck. 7:44 Wine. 7:53 Upstairs to wee television with shitty picture because cat chewed on cable once. 7:55 WHAT CHANNEL IS THE WB? I DON'T KNOW I NEED MY PRETTY GUIDE. 7:57 Martin is on WB. Start singing Martin theme song, which basically consists of: MarTIN! Bump ba bump MarTIN! 7:59 Oh my god. The suspense.... Read more →

I Just Kept Typing Until There Were A Lot Of Words

AAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYY. Hi! Hi hi! Where you been, bitch? I have had absolutely nothing to write about. Nothing interesting to say at ALL. And now? Still nothing. But I'm starting to get testy-sounding emails from people. So that's why you're doing the thing where you talk to yourself again, right? I'm not just talking to myself. I'm talking to my ITALICIZED self. Oh, right. Completely different then. Oh my god, oh my GOD, y'all. There was a tragedy at my house this weekend. A TRAGEDY. Saturday night. My television like, blew up. I turned it on and there was some scary... Read more →

The Wednesday Advice Smackdown

Welcome to Wednesday, the best day of the week, because it is the day I get to tell you all what to do, but also get to be no help whatsoever. If this sounds like the kind of advice YOU need, please send your queries and PayPal monies to advice[at]amalah[dot]com. BUT FIRST... The Purse! Okay, okay, I GET IT. Y'all want to see the damn purse. I misjudged you as good, socially-responsible people, for you are really a bunch of total expensive-shoe-and-purse WHORES. And I love you for it, really. So ta-daaaaa!! The Purse. The limited-edition Coach Hamptons Houndstooth Satchel.... Read more →

An Open Letter to the J.Crew Dressing Rooms, Also, Amy's Got A Brand New Bag

UPDATE TANTRUM THING: FUCKING NOTIFY HAS NOT NOTIFIED ANYONE. YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED IN ITS OWN DAMN SWEET TIME. WAH. First Up: The Bitchening Dear J.Crew Dressing Rooms, Why? WHY? Why do you make me look so damn bad? All the time? Why do I let you do this to me? You are not worth this pain. Even though you have that one dress that I really want right now? I’m thinking of going elsewhere for my preppy-clothes needs. Somewhere that cares. Somewhere with mirrors that elongate and maybe tell you how amazing your ass looks in those jeans. I... Read more →